Hello favourite peeps!

Missed me right? Well I hope you did cos I missed being here as well… Seems like I’m zoning off too often lately, I will turn a new leaf – Amen!!!

How’s the day going for you? I’m guessing great… It shouldn’t be anything less.

So I had one of my moments yesterday and decided to check what’s trending on Twitter. Well, in my search I came across the hash tag – #WeCantDate

Obviously this tag is meant to encourage you to state the possible reasons you can’t date someone. I went with it (believe me, I can be that spontaneous at times) and came up with eleven(11) reasons I can’t date someone.

Of course I tried to infuse humour, so enjoy my list and do come up with yours using the hash tag – #WeCantDate … Keep it real and spicy!!

1. If our purpose do not align #WeCantDate

2. If you don’t appreciate the little things, definitely #WeCantDate

3. #WeCantDate …. If you’re all superficial, and got no deepness in you

4. If you own an iPhone 7 but haven’t visited the book store lately, Oga #WeCantDate o

5. #WeCantDate If I can’t hold an intelligent conversation with you for an hour without you zooming off on me

6. If you don’t have an authority over you – sort of like a mentor #WeCantDate

7. If your answer to all I say is “Yea” and “Amen”…, bro #WeCantDate
…Don’t want no robot for a man


8. If you’ve got no spontaneity in you #WeCantDate
Don’t blame me, I don’t like overly mechanical folks

9. #WeCantDate if the proofs of your success are only reflected in your material possessions

10. If your ego stats is higher than your vision stats, sorry dear #WeCantDate

11. If you can build castles with your mouth but can’t even start a condo in the real sense #WeCantDate

P.S: Sure there’s more where this came from but let’s just leave it right here…. And yes, I plan to do something on the hash tag #WeCanDate  “if” real soon. So y’all get to have an idea of what I like in a date, not that I’m available though… So no stalks *smiles*

And I’ll be talking on relationships frequently now… So watch this space!!! Looking forward to your #WeCantDate

Modupe Ogundare


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