Success , YES desired by many, but with it also comes the desire to achieve it early enough; the latter which has come to stay amongst us is the reason we have such tags as “late bloomers” in the first place. Late bloomers….., they are well known for their lethargic move into self actualization; as their name implies, they do not exude the essential traits characteristic of their age or those possessed by peers early enough; they are the lot voted least likely to thrive in those fields they’ve been considered droopy.

Could there be an advantageous side to being a late bloomer, or, is it as bad as it’s been reputed to be? Can the upshot be controlled or entirely done away with? Are we employing the finest tools in combating this phase? Could there in actual fact be a way out of the late blooming phase?

Join me as I delve into the world of late bloomers.

No one wishes to be a late bloomer, parents would rather they don’t have them as children. The truth however it hits us must be stated explicitly; that we would always have late bloomers around us, some of our abilities will not surface until the later parts of our existence; that we cannot but confront this issue with an avant-garde approach.

It could be really horrendous to watch some youngsters assume their potentials at a very tender age while one lurks around the late bloom state, to be constantly referred to as the one who shirked in their responsibilities resulting in being tagged so (as the “late-bloomer”), to be easily taken for a failure or the one who would never amount to a thing. People in this phase are every so often subjected to so much contempt and ridicule that one wonders how they summed up enough courage to keep going at things.

One good observable fact about them is that they do bloom, whether at 40 or 50, they flourish so much that it for the most part makes up for lost time. Another is that, owing to the number of years they spent lurking in the shadows or at preparatory (when put lightly), they storm their selected disciplines with a wealth of knowledge only one experienced and well rounded in the affairs of late bloomers can display. They bring to table what most depict as “lusciously distinct yet significant”.

This is not to say folks who made a quick entry into the glare of publicity do not record phenomenal feats, there’s just something about those who did later. Could be because they accomplish what others, and a great numbers of times, they themselves didn’t think possible to them. This leads to the presumed fine side of the late bloom phase. There must be something this lot do while waiting for their bloom that helps affords them a cutting edge and enable them to carve a niche for themselves.

I was talking to a friend about this subject matter, he raised some genuine points that corroborates with those I believe to be crucial tools in producing exceptional results, and in due course, get these folks out of murkiness.

I’ll be sharing with us in the ensuing lines of this write-up those things particular to individuals in the late bloom period that provides them with the ascendancy unfamiliar to many.

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What are those things you believe to be unique to this set of individuals? I will love to hear your view. Leave your comments.


4 thoughts on “LATE BLOOMERS

  1. One thing late bloomers have in common is a strong resolve to prove a point & critics wrong! Late bloomers are initially referred to as failures or “unserious”. This drives the desire to prove their critics wrong & those who believe in them that they can do it!!

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