STUCK? Practical tips to getting out


Can you picture this? One of those moments you know that the next step you take is a central determinant of the rest of your life, those defining phases you just can’t toy with. Or, having to make a choice between one career path and the other; to stay on your job, earn a levelheaded salary, or invest your life savings on something you’ve always wanted to do but are not sure of the upshot, knowing full well there might be no going back for you. Bearing in mind also that whatever resolution you make will make or break you, and it is your utmost desire that you make the finest choice.

Have I successfully placed you in these scenarios? If yes, now, can you imagine not knowing what to do and having to aimlessly try to get out of this position but failing at every attempt?

Your mind isn’t some piece of equipment, and though it is capable of multi-tasking, it needs some order, else it goes out on you and you are left at a crossroads.

It sure takes some guts and a level of discipline to streamline your options, and out of the many things you would likely choose from and which would likely turn out right or wrong take a bold step and stick to one. Not knowing what to do could pose a really big problem, especially when it is critically important that you do make a decision.

Check out this list and give it a try, with some effort you’ll know just how to handle such moments when next you find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

Try Not To Panic
Now stop, take a deep and steady breath, release every pent-up breath and ease the tension you’ve unconsciously built. Position yourself and mind to allow THE IDEA flow in. Stay optimistic through it all.

Bother less about the “What-ifs” and “What-if-nots”, get your house in order.

Take Your Time
Even if it’s an extremely pressing issue, take out time in your head to evaluate the situation. I have come to grasp the efficacy of this and I can vouch for its consistent workability. Don’t be given to the spur of the moment kind of decision at all times. While this may work for some situations as well as persons, it shouldn’t be relied heavily upon as the odds against such decisions coming out rightly is much.

You want the best results; taking out time to ensure that happens shouldn’t be all that wearisome of a task.

Work With Your Options

Taking out time to critically analyze the options available to you will do you much good;

decision making should be a process not a stumble upon. Not being too quick to discard an option or hurriedly discrediting the possibility of another will position you in a set that helps you limit your slip-ups. Also, avoid making up your mind before making your decisions, many have made up their minds on what they want to do even before going through the pros and cons of their situation, thus making it hard to reach a viable conclusion when all’s said and done.


Learn To Streamline
Oftentimes, when we say we are stuck, it isn’t for lack of what to do but for too many things we would love to do, not for what to say but for so much running through our minds that we would love to let out, not for what to write but for so much we would love to put pen to paper about. You would be doing yourself a big disservice if you let the availability of different options get the better part of you.

You are the boss of your wits, get it together and make it work for you.

Nurse no fears
Do not dread any outcome. Be confident enough to know and reach the resolution that whatever the end holds, it can only get better.

To know that even when things don’t turn out right, you will emerge more knowledgeable and well-equipped, and can always retrace your steps.

Take the Step
Now go ahead, take the decision that for the most part appeals to you, stay true to it and go at it doggedly. If you are stuck on ideas to finish a project you started, don’t stop, get out there and find the way out. Are you stuck on writing, maybe your thesis, a research paper, or even your next blog post, the only trick is to keep writing, even if all you can come up with is something that bears a resemblance to trash.

When faced with these challenges, the fact that you are doing something, making a move, and not giving in to the overwhelming feeling gives you a sort of encouragement.

Seek Help

The sooner you realize that you will need others to get through some devastating and confusing moments the better for you.

Not necessarily to hold your hand through the entire phase but to steer you to a safer place where your thoughts are not muddled up and you are clear-headed enough to know “What-next”.

There will always be a way out of “stuck”, finding it should be your paramount goal.

How helpful has this been? Have you been at crossroads before, how did you get out and what where the lessons learnt? I would love to hear your view. Leave your comments here.


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