Korean series are the rave these days, this is quite evident in the way they have successfully wiggled their way into the hearts of fans, most especially the female community, as the men folk are yet to fully fall under their spell. Personally, I look out for the humor and hidden wisdom in their movies when I make out time for them.

The most recent I sat down to is ILJIMAE (a phantom thief), yet to see it to the end though. Iljimae, the hero in the movie, needed so badly to learn martial arts from a man he called Master. Master agreed to it on the condition that he must succesfully dodge the rag he threw at him whenever he did something wrong.

Days went by and Iljimae still gets dustered in the face everyday regularly. Luckily for him, Master’s daughter who loved him came visiting, as they had isolated themselves on an island for the training. Master’s daughter said something wrong and got rewarded with the duster, she masterfully avoided it, at this Iljimae was awed and wanted to know just how she did it so effortlessly. She explained to him how she had been subjected to the dustering while growing up and how she had learnt to avoid it by seeing it as shit (dung). She told him he will never be able to dodge the rag until he sees it as “shit”. He couldn’t really wrap his head around such analogy but took it to heart still.

The next day, Master tried his old trick expecting it to hit its mark, but Iljimae shouted, Shit!!! He had this horrorful look on his face as he shouted and was able to avoid being dustered on the face again.

In their usual habit, my thoughts trailed this new-found knowledge, and I came to the conclusion that he (Iljimae) had always had it in him to succesfully avoid being dustered on the face, but as long as he saw the rag as something he can put up with, he couldn’t. The very moment his mentality changed on the subject matter, he became capable of that which he thought impossible.

Some of our challenges will no longer linger when we show them there’s hardly a breathing space for them, when we learn to see them as what they really are. When we decide not to put up with them, when we don’t resignatedly surrender to them. Challenges recognise a strong contender when they meet one, someone who’s got an unflinching attitude towards them, someone who’s hardly put down by the threats they pose.

Someone who is DODGING SHIT.

How helpful has this been? How else do you think we can surmount challenges? I would love to hear your view. Leave your comments here.


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