Getting endorsements on some things we do give us the required drive to keep going at things. It helps us deal with our depressive tendencies. The most unappreciative lot we would be if we don’t give ourselves those few and far between yet much needed nudge. We would have us more unenthusiastic peeps, walking around with a weight/feeling of not measuring up.

As important as being approved is, we mustn’t let it get to the point where it seems as if our entire existence depends on it, or that our functional performance is totally dependent on its steady supply. 

If you find yourself in this boat, don’t panic, you are one amongst many who feel a need to be constantly assessed and approved; it is absolutely instinctive that you expect a pat in the back for something you feel you’ve done right. It only becomes knotty and awkward, requiring that it be kept in check when it becomes the drug you live on, when you are constantly plagued with the need to get other people’s affirmation on any and everything you do; when you would practically go to great lengths just to get that nod of approval from colleagues, boss, hubby, friends; when you would literally throw a fit on hearing something you did is simply not it; when you would even sell you way into people’s heart to get that occasional and almost non-committal, YES, You nailed it!!!; when you are so into it one would almost think it was what the doctor prescribed for your continuous existence.

Becoming approval mongers leaves us susceptible to a number of things, among them are: 

It causes Time Drain

You spend an ample number of this on trying so hard to get the affirmation that may never come, you go on and on trying to fish for compliments, you invest so much of your time trying to get that something you don’t even need in the first place.

Leads to Physical Energy Robbery

Seeing that you expend a large number of this trying to measure up to that standard we believe somewhere in our heads is expected of us, sad thing is you could spend on more pressing and encouraging aspects of your lives.

Emotional Drain

Writing this, I remembered a time in my life when I would do something that seemed pretty nice to me but would refuse to acknowledge it or even as much as encourage myself, I remembered the way I would hold it up to some other’s light, expecting someone to just pop up and say, YES, you did it!! It left me drained emotionally and most times discouraged, especially as I would almost explode when I don’t get it enough or get it at all. Believe me; you don’t want to be stuck here.

Suppresses Your Level of Optimism

You know that happy-go-lucky feeling you have when things are going right, that optimistic ring in your head when things that makes you feel you can do just about anything you set your heart, it’s mostly absent in approval seeking folks.

It Inhibits Possible Future Improvements

When approval is not gotten, it may cause some unhealthy feelings of insecurity and incapability, it may rid you of the opportunity to look ahead for greater feats, and thus inhibit any potential significant growth.

I indulge you to ensure that you appreciate someone today, not necessarily on the elaborate side and most definitely not essentially on a complex matter but, be sure to make them feel special for something out of the ordinary they did. You could be saving someone who’s on the verge of an approval breakdown.

Live! Love!! Laugh!!! 

Be appreciative, share.


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