Not always about “me” but “we”


So, I got thinking recently, pretty much about ME, and NO, I’m not selfish. If anything, my thought trail have been centered more on becoming a selfless ME.

I came into the realization that there is nothing I have now, in who I have now become, in the things I have done and still do, that could have been all ME, that could have been gotten by MY sheer strength. As much as the me, me, me part of ME will like to get some credit, of which its demands will be within its right and pretty much well deserved, I acknowledge that I did not become ME all by myself, through it all, I had help, the presence of which I’m greatly appreciative and perpetually indebted.

A great number of us in our journey through life forget the tiny little detail that it isn’t exclusively about us but also about the many people who go out of their way to make certain that we are where we are today. Teachers who taught us the basics of the much we now know, nannies who rocked us to sleep, who changed our diapers when mother and father had to go for days on that important business trips, sisters who put up with our naughtiness, even that one time when we decided to play the hair stylist with their hair and ended up cutting out a large chunk, brothers who let us use their shoulders as ladders so we could pick something we would naturally not be able to reach, coaches who leave interminable lessons and get us feeling like we can do anything we set our hearts to, friends who lent us their shoulders to lean on, and most importantly to cry on, parents who would rather we dine like kings/queens, enjoy the best life has to offer, than keep up with fashion trends, passers-by who left a mark, the list is endless.

I owe my love for Project Management to a friend who went out of his way to provide me with some materials I needed and even went ahead to ensure that I was informed when the opportunity to be certified in the course came up. This same friend, seeing my love for writing and talking got me “How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere” by Larry King and “How to Write a Winning Business Proposal” by another author (can’t remember right now). My first big public speaking gig was also the doing of another friend who even went as far as rescinding his rights on that very job to me as he was initially contracted to do the job but he said to me, “i want to see me do it, to watch you give it your best shot”, I remember he also helped me prepare for the d-day. Another also invested in me heavily through the provision of personal development books, he was interested in my becoming a better ME. They all made conscious efforts to see that I reach my zenith.

I too have decided to take that conscious step towards ensuring that I make it about others as I would me, I did so this morning and will keep doing it, knowing that that big man up there has called and braced me up to do just that. I will also like to encourage you to do the same, appreciate those who have gone out of their way to ensure that you got here.

Should life be more about “WE” than “ME”? Do you have a thing or more others did that will forever remain impressed in your memory? Do share. Leave your comments below.

Live! Love!! Laugh!!!


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