Hello there!!! I wrote these tips some two years ago and find they still ring true, but then why wouldn’t, they are life-long lessons. A pretty good note to start the week on.

Excellence is known to many but achieved by a few, it is a quality desired by more but possessed by even fewer. Excellence, I believe, is attainable if you critically analyze, practically employ and consistently pursue its strategies and most importantly, if you desire it.

Excellence is a quality that stems out of the desire to accomplish outstanding results. It is also important that you understand that it involves a gradual process and therefore not a stumble-upon, it is a procedural achievement, one involving a strategic approach and hard-work.
The days of its (EXCELLENCE) achievement often times may seem endless but you need not resort to panic if you have your strategies drawn up rightly. Excellence is also seen as the end product of a whole number of investments, that is, in order to achieve this quality, quite a numbers of things must have been given up in its pursuit.

Excellence can be achieved from your continuous willingness and attempt to do better; it is the result of determination- the determination to achieve a goal; to meet a standard, or rather; to surpass an expectation. It is however not to be compared with perfection (Equivalent with Trying to Beat the Air) because every edge you make towards the achievement of your goals can be seen as a step towards excelling. Excellence therefore, is not measured in quality terms but in the level of advancement towards your target.

The achievement of excellence would look less convoluted and more appealing with the following:


The definition of excellence differs as individuals differ and at such there isn’t in existence any standard scale to be used in its measurement.  One thing however is common to all who have excelled in the past and those in this process; that common factor is the DESIRE TO EXCEL. “Having the will to excel is precedent to excellence itself, it is the fundamental step you need to take towards excelling”. There is a lot your desire can do for you when fed with the right nutrient. Your will, your desire, is your driving force to excellence.


Excellence is embedded in the discovery of potential growth areas. To get the maximum effect of the efforts you employ towards achieving excellence, there is a need to first discover your inherent strengths and aptitudes; identify that part of you that gives you an edge, and also, that which is capable of being developed. Great achievers may seem naturally inclined to excelling in their chosen path, it is not necessarily because of their possession of outstanding characteristics that makes this feat seem easier but because they have taken time to discover their potential growth areas. This discovery is also directional as it gives you the opportunity to steer your resources efficiently towards the development of your strengths. Discover the part of you capable of evolving and you will marvel at the results you get.


The pursuit of excellence is a goal which requires a detailed and thorough evaluation of the route to be employed and ultimately the definition of such route (strategy). The discovery of your potentials can only assume the feature of being directional when you have succinctly defined the strategy proposed for the effective harness of these potentials. The outline of a detailed strategy will guard against, and in other cases, prepare you for any form of variation and thereby guarantee you a successful launch-out into your pursuit. Truth is, there is no one (1) strategy proven to be effective for all times, people and situations, you can always restructure as you go or disengage entirely from a strategy that does not seem to work for you. However, make it your duty never to disengage from your will to excel.


This requires that you find and study models of excellence, people who are at top of the ladder, who have accomplished quite a pack. Your main objective in studying these people is not to get intimidated and forfeit your goals but to identity their individual outstanding characteristic and take a cue from their strong points, and failures too. There is so much you can do to make a difference even when it seems all the impact has been made (which is quite impossible). Studying these models also gives you the room to benchmark against the best in your field and with utmost dedication, you can emerge at top.


If there was one thing I learnt as a student of Strategic Management under the topic “SWOT Analysis”, it is that the exploration of opportunities increases/harnesses your strength. Now that you have created a concrete blueprint to execute your goal (to achieve excellence), you need to embrace every opportunity you know will add to you. The key is to never limit yourself, work really hard and focus your efforts and excellence will naturally emerge. The only secret therein is to launch-out (get started) and you can just watch results troop in. Do not beat yourself over any under-improvements and for every edge you make, reward yourself (the mind responds positively to this).


Never has there been a success story without desire, determination, discipline, and most particularly these two: commitment and consistency. Your ability to stay committed and become a tenacious advocate of your own goal will result in tremendous improvements and ultimately bring you closer to your destination – Excellence. However, just like every other requirements of excellence, commitment alone will not get you there; you need to be perpetually consistent in the pursuance of your goal.

Excellence will no longer be seen as unattainable if these strategies are critically analyzed, practically employed and consistently pursued. Excellence is not beyond you, it can only be if you do not desire it. Knowing well that you desire excellence, I trust you will act.


Thanks for reading this article on achieving excellence, please do share and comment. How helpful has this resource been? What other ways do you think excellence can be achieved?

Live! Learn!! Inspire!!!


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