Hello peeps!

Nigeria’s one plus today, Hurray!!!
I cannot help but add my voice to the countless number of voices celebrating Nigeria in their little corner, aimed at the continuous improvement of our dear nation. So I went ahead and dug up one of those my written-two-years-ago-but-evergreen notes, it fits perfectly with my thought trail today. On a lighter note now, I think I need to get in touch with my two years ago muse, those were pretty good pieces it gave me *smiles*, but then I still write beautiful pieces, “YEA, I do” *insert BBM straight face here*.


It’s quite easy to point fingers and have someone else shoulder a blame that should be treated as collective. If NIGERIA (more as an entity on its own now) were to be given the right to sue and be sued just for today, I can imagine the number of people she would hold liable. We talk about Nigeria as if it were something existing in the abstract, not minding that it has a life called “You and I”, we blame her for a lot of our dissatisfaction forgetting that if anything ails her, it’s because of the negligence on our part, that if she suffers a setback, it’s because we refuse to take responsibilities for our duties. She has been said to commit a whole number of crimes ranging from the corruption eating deep into every sector in our nation to the social vices that are now become like salt, found at every corner of the market, from our economic system that took a walk into the Sahara desert and has since not been heard from, to the education system grappling for survival. If I were her legal representative, I would prepare for a fierce battle in court, if I were the judge, I would oblige every of her constituent to mollify her with dedication and utmost commitment on their part, I would give the order that she be prayed for and not cursed, I would discharge and acquit her of every tongue-lashing and character-debasing indictment she has suffered, I would gladly see see to it that her citizens pledge their commitment to getting her to the pinnacle of her abilities.

I would be more than willing to take the plunge and pledge my commitment to her with a little poem I wrote sometime ago;


Oh my father land!
Will I watch you degrade this way?
As I would the tide that causes my fire’s sway?

When your existence is threatened;
Will I cower behind my comfort space?
And watch you lose your long-built stance?

Long before I came to be;
Heard you started fighting this war,
The stretch of which turned the battle-field sour.

Now that I’m here;
Will I watch your image crumble?
Or your light will I rekindle?

I long to snatch at it;
This storm brewing up, readying to break,
And save you the impending wreck.

Yet I fear;
Can these fragile hands restore your glory?
Will not my littleness cause you more misery?

Then my heart went all out;
My fatherland! Committed I am to hunt your oppressors down
And bring back your long lost crown

Happy Independence Day!

Okay, so that’s it. I’m not much of a poet but I’m pretty sure you could relate to the emotions beneath the poem because believe me those lines were written with lots of them.
Had quite a lot to do today but I just had to make sure I dropped something for YOU, my dedicated readers, who do not mind my incessant ramblings. YEA, I care, you’ve given me much room to grow, of that I’m appreciative *many hugs*.

Live! Love!! Laugh!!!


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