Hello peeps! Did you have a great weekend, mine wasn’t all that eventful but it was lovely altogether. Well, I decided to share with you one of my latest findings today, hope you enjoy and get inspired by it.

A major reason recession is often experienced not long after setting out on a path is the refusal, or in some cases, the inability to take cognizance of what the future holds, the inability to put the horse before the cart, to ensure that things are in place, and that processes are given utmost attention. “Order may not be the most attractive of things to embrace but it has proved to be just what we need to position ourselves in the winning circle”.

I have come to realize as I’m sure a number of us have

That there are immense benefits inherent in going at things in a sequential manner. Also, that “the lack of order (not initiative) has been known to cut short the life span of many a great ideas”. Needn’t I say to us that the extinction of order in our lives can cause a reversal(total) in our plans.

Embracing order doesn’t suppress or yank out that side of us that loves to be creative, it doesn’t stop us from breaking the chains of an alarmingly drag of a process that has refused to add any credible result to that which it was intended.

We really must bear in mind

That a tiny unattended detail could institute the break down of an entire system, and just when things are about to play out real good, we find that somewhere along the road, the cart had been placed in front of the horse, thus movement(forward or otherwise) is inhibited and exquisite ideas are driven to a stand-still. We must constantly remind ourselves, that even with the best of intentions, our plans could still suffer irrecoverable set-backs when we refuse to plough the land before farming.

I am quite aware of the fact that it may seem pretty easy to jump processes as opposed to following it doggedly, but I also find that this could as well be the quickest route to failure. It then becomes expedient to constantly check to be sure that the horse is hitched the right way, as it is totally bizarre to expect that the cart drags the horse.

As you go in the week, please ensure that your horse is hitched in the right direction. Have a pleasant week folks!!!

Live! Love!! Inspire!!!

Thanks for reading this article, and hope you found it inspiring. Please do share and leave your comments here.


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