Hey folks! How has been your week? Trust good, mine has been pleasant enough. I will be sharing with us today one of the issues that break my heart, possibly there’s someone reading this who need to know and others who know but need to be reminded.

I have had my heart broken a thousand times and again when I see circumstances limit the circumference within which would-have-been great persons operate, when situations become an agent of saturation to the strength rather than the uplifting factor of great minds.

It is rather disheartening to behold the FLAMING FUTURE being held captive of the TURBULENT TODAY with little or no efforts to avert this. But then, some folks tend to shine brighter everytime life throws them a rock.

And that begets the question “Why do some seem to be extra-ordinarily gifted at coming out of a really dire situation almost unscathed while a host others go down with the tide of difficulties? How do they make it happen?”

It’s no magic, truth is there are some things in the life of this category of persons that could be lacking in yours if you’ve not been able to salvage any challenging situations in times past.

I will be sharing with you in the ensuing lines of this article some of those things I believe are never absent in this crop of individuals. Don’t get it twisted, these aren’t some overnight-result-producing kind of scheme, they take being strong-willed and dedicated to be pulled through; but as much as they aren’t, they can be reproduced with just the right amount of ardour and results recorded.

Choose a stance
Ever wondered why some people seem to be extremely good at juggling responsibilities, sucking the juice off a seemingly bitter situation, call it luck but I know it goes way deeper than that. In my research, I have come to understand that we choose whether to make the most of a situation or let it take its toll on us, YES! We were given this much.

Ensuring that circumstances bring out the best in you requires that you consciously come into that decision. Always choose to give these situations the right outlook.

Don’t play the victim
We can safely say that folks who get ahead in life irrespective of the situation have it etched deeply in there subconscious that in all they go through, they and they alone call the shots. You need to take a cue from every discouragement and channel it into encouragement, be a fighter that cannot be stopped, pay as little attention to discouragement as possible, plough ahead as a steamer does, rough or smooth, rain or shine, carry your cargo and make your port. That way, you will be listed among the few that excel in whatever they do.

You’ll be surprised by how much you can take, amazed at the elasticity of your tenacity threshold.

Eyes Fixed On the End
You will be able to accomplish this and so much more if you do not focus on the process it takes to attain your dreams but focus on the realization of the dream itself, when you are not put down by mistakes or discouragements because you believe they are a reminder of what is yet to come, thus, you make reinforcements and get prepared.

You shouldn’t be the sort found lying around waiting for some “intervention”, you should go out there, makes things work and create rooms for this “intervention”.

Library in the Head
There’s no underestimating the importance/power of the investments we made prior to when challenges come knocking. Having the *word* in you beforehand makes it all the more easier. Ever heard of the phrase “Medicine after Death”, you most likely have; well that’s what it looks like when it is until you’re faced with a challenge that you begin to invest in your intellectual capacity. These investments come in the form of self-help books, audio, live seminars, etc.

Don’t be limited in this regard, get out there and fill your ever hungry mind (some have starved theirs for too long, so much it has become practically dysfunctional and unable to produce any rational results), enrich your intelligence with thoroughly-filtered knowledge.

Get help
One sure-fire way to stay on top of your game is taking up the help of persons who want to see you grow, those who are as passionate as you are about getting out of the deep. People that can point out reasons why you should keep holding on or why you should let go as the case maybe; because in some cases staying strong is all about letting go but denial wouldn’t let you.

Having people to light the way might be just the needed here.

Remain Optimistic
Negativity saps you of the energy which would have yielded better and more profound results when accompanied with optimism, you can’t afford not to be positive when faced with challenges, it is one proven strategy that gets you going when all else fails, it is the one stratagem that ensures you of success even when the above listed seem not to work. Stay Positive.

I’m not saying it’s an easy feat because it’s not, i’m saying you can and should.

Thanks for reading this article on Staying Strong, please do share and comment. How helpful has this resource been? What other ways do you think one can stay strong?

Live! Love!! Laugh!!!



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