There have been times when i’d rather curl up in my bed and wallow in this thing they call self-indulgence, times when i feel i should rather seek motivation than get another motivated (like who gave me that job in the first place). Times when i had obviously activated a “Lazy Mode”, that one i never knew existed beforehand.

It was on one of such moments that i got chatting with a dear friend T.A. on BBM, one i had not been in touch with for a while and was LED to talk to on that lazy day, we got talking, pleasantries exchanged and we kept each other updated on happenings. Then, out of nowhere (and i mean this literally as it seemed like that to me), my very dear friend said to me, “Modupe, your write-ups are inspiring, keep it up, you are going somewhere”.

Oh! Was i cured of my low motivation disease? Immediato! My brain (Yea, the same one that had refused to do anything tasking) received life and became instantly alert, my mind started basking in the compliment: a sweet feeling gathered in the lower part of my stomach, i knew that could only mean it was feeding off the compliment that had just been dished out.

It obviously was starved but with all the deductive reasoning classes i took in school in GNS 201 or so, i never noticed (yea that same class where they gave us an EXAMPLE that if the statement “Love is Blind” is a premise and “God is Love” is another, deductive reasoning says we arrive at “God is Blind” as long as the aforementioned premises were true, could be because i find fault in such reasoning, well that’s a talk for another day). Maybe i could have helped me overcome that sunken feeling if i knew all i needed was encouragement.

I went ahead to tell her how timely her encouragement was, that it couldn’t have come at a better time, that not only had i joined *team lazy* but was also experiencing something they call the “writer’s block”: i couldn’t put pen to paper and when i finally do i subject it to so much scrutiny it doesn’t stand a chance at leaving the confines of my pad, so it stays buried there and there goes another day without doing that which i claim to love. As expected, i thanked her profusely and promised her to get something going that very day, the result is this here…Staying Strong is The Deal

What’s my point, there are times when we would need that one word, one call, one person, one event, etc. to remind us of the real us, the many feats we are capable of doing but not, in such moments we are not in anyway to think of ourselves as vulnerable, NO, we are to acknowledge the fact that we are humans, and it is only right that we expect at one time or the other a pat in the back for something we did or do well.

In the absence of these things, we can also resort to ENCOURAGING OURSELVES, here’s an article to help on that, I Don’t Need your Approval.

I am consciously looking out for folks who are doing so much but getting little or no credit, i am taking my time to explicitly appreciate them in my little way, i hope to save someone from an approval or compliment breakdown. I think you should too.

Thanks for reading this article, please do share and comment. How helpful has this resource been? Would love to know

Live! Love!! Laugh!!!


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