Hello there!

How do you do today? Well i hope.

I want to talk to us about “PATIENCE” today, sure you’ve heard of the word. You see, in this part of the world, it isn’t just a quality, we also give it as names, so i’m guessing you have. I have seen it yield results as much as i have watched it abused.

Talking about abuse, it has not just become our number one solution to crisis but also the one thing authorities beg for when faced with situations “beyond them”. It’s the most readily available advice folks seem to be able to give these days, especially when they’ve got nothing else to offer the advisee.

Now, do not get the wrong end of the stick, i’m not saying it’s a no-good advice, NO, i’m saying we’ve hidden behind patience as an excuse for doing nothing for too long, i’m saying waiting isn’t equivalent to doing nothing (what most people seem to mean when they use the word).

We’ve been told it’s “THE” (note my emphasis) secret to a successful marriage (not disputing this at all, just don’t agree to it being the deal breaker in itself as mostly preached), i have also seen it dished out as the one-up advise to folks in abusive relationships “if you can just hold on a little longer, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and you have your kids to think about”. But we aren’t here to talk about marriage or national issues, they were just examples of the many ways we abuse the word ‘PATIENCE”, so i’ll get down to my reason for claiming this sapce in the first place.

Patience they say, is WAITING NOT LOOSING YOUR COOL while you do so. How long a person can wait indeed the most trying of this stage, especially when it looks like you’re in for one long wait.

A time ago, i learnt the virtue in this quality isn’t about waiting really but is highly premised on the PROCESS – what we do while we wait.

Deeper i thought and i realised you must first determine (consciously or otherwise) to wait to be able to do something worthwhile while at it. Being patient itself requires that you be WILLING to wait if and when necessary.

I also got to know that the period can really be trying but capable of being surmounted given the right disposition, it can only be a ridiculous drag if the one that awaits only SITS and does so.

When exactly does WAITING become a WEIGHT? Some say to ensure never to become a PATIENT while at it.

As you envision (await) that big break; the next big step in your life, education, career, relationship, marriage, etc. Will you wait if it is required of you? How long are you prepared to wait? Are you willing to get your hands on the axe while you await the harvest? Will you still go out to the field when you’re not sure of the maturity of your seeds?

Always love to hear from you, please leave your comments here and don’t forget to share.

Modupe Ogundare


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