Hello people, it’s an auspicious day, a perfect day to deal with some issues of life that limit and prevent us from spreading our tentacles, from becoming the “best us”.

Here with a little something to get us in the mood for some action. “Getting Past Fears” is the focus for the week.

Wiki says “Fear is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by living entities, which causes a change in brain and organ function and ultimately a change in behavior, such as running away, hiding or freezing from traumatic events”.

I have the understanding that fear is a feeling of dread that settles in the mind with the sole purpose of causing an individual to hold back to retreat, or hide away from everything that poses itself as a threat.

It is totally human to feel fear; it is absolutely normal. You may ask then, when exactly does fear become something that has to be dealt with?

When it cripples you, when it inhibits movement, when it holds you back from launching out even with ample preparations in place. Fear becomes a menacing terror when it roots you to a spot and leave you incapable of trying out new, different and unfamiliar feats. It becomes an unwelcome feeling when it grounds your potentials and bring your dreams to a halt.

The mistake made by many is cringing and finding solace in the confines of their fears by creating a place called “SAFE” (truth is, there can never be because there’s no such place) with a dogged determination to shun anything that threatens the continuous existence of this habitat.

Putting a distance between your fears(especially those growth-related) and you, refusing to work on them is denying yourself of the advantages associated with getting over such fears.

I have had fears in different phases of life, from the Nyctophobia (fear of darkness) of my early years to the Glossophobia(fear of speaking in public) of my pre-adult life but none did I overcome by hiding from them, or pretending they didn’t exist.

Glossophobia, one of such fears and one of the most common fears known to man can only be surmounted by doing the very thing you dread (appearing before a crowd as much as you can), though equipped with a lot of preparation, and most definitely, with the will to make this happen.

Your ability to work on your fears and make them work for you not only depicts you as courageous, it as well sets you on the path only few have trod.

What is the fear that’s got you trapped and thinking “How can I possibly think of doing this”, I dare you to start thinking “How can I possibly think of not
doing this”.

Most times, the key to getting over your fears is taking the plunge and putting yourself in the exact zone your fears inhabit.

Here’s to getting past fears! To rising above

Always love to hear from you, please leave your comments here and don’t forget to share.

Modupe Ogundare


4 thoughts on “GETTING PAST FEARS

  1. Nice write-up, its important that people understand what fear is.. wrote my thesis on fear and the most important thing I learnt is fear is just an emotional state of mind and like every other emotion it can be control if only one chooses to admit its existence and face it head on. Simply put, its all in the mind.

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