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I’m guessing you must have seen the controversial dress going round (so much that it got me writing). Well I got chatting with a friend about it yesterday, and he said “different stroke for different folks, we all view things differently”. For me, at first it was a classic case of incredulity, I thought “what a wonder that one dress could start so much melodrama”, then a friend’s sister saw red…and I knew it was plainly out of it, it might just drive people crazy.

My friend also wanted to know if it was a game or it was really happening. I told him it was indeed happening as I live in a large house and had been making my rounds and the reactions were in one word “Epic”. Some saw white and gold, others blue and black, and yet blue and brownish gold. I also got the theory about its ability to change confirmed as someone who saw white and gold suddenly (in a space of about 30mins) sees blue and black.

He asked jokingly “Is the cloth a chameleon ni? I’m rooting for blue and black, well maybe that’s wat I saw” (confused right?). From my end I laughed out loud at the chameleon phenomenon. I told him that the only logical explanation I got so far is that it has to with pigments and all. And he concluded jokingly that Oyinbo winch pass Africa own, and this of course got me reeling again with laughter.

I believe this really shows how dynamic we can be as individuals. And if there’s anything we need to reiterate the theory of perspective, this should be it.

The lessons inherent here for me are quite simple:

We really do not, or rather can not see things the same way, OUR DYNAMISM IS OUR STRENGTH. We must come to the understanding that the reason the other person cannot relate with the way we view things is not out of defiance, the brother or sister just can’t because as it is right now, some folks are seeing white & gold, others blue & black and it’s no fault of theirs.

To sell your idea to others, you must be pretty patient with them and as well create an environment that aids their understanding of your viewpoint because as it is right now some people are seeing white & gold, others blue & black and they really can’t help that they do.

Right now you couldn’t talk folks out of what they see if you tried, it is clearly evident to each person what he/she is seeing. In the same vein, people shouldn’t be able to talk you out of your dreams and visions that easily. A large number of dissatisfied and unfulfilled individuals walking the streets because their visions were so blurry and intangible that they let another talk them out. This shouldn’t be because as it is right now, some folks are seeing white & gold, others blue & black and there’s no talking them out of it.

I’m quite excited to see the level of strength folks exhibited with this dress. They wouldn’t just go with a colour because their mentors, favourite celebrities, clergymen, spouses, and others saw it as such. Everyone displayed their personalities, and that for me rocks as everyone should learn to be comfortable in their very own skin with no fear of criticism. Isn’t it wonderful? Some folks are seeing white & gold, others blue & black and it really doesn’t matter what their clergy man sees.

Away with all the condescending tone even when it seems the other person isn’t getting you after all your efforts. It could be you just need to change the manner with which you go about it because as it is right now some people are seeing white & gold, others blue and black, and there’s no talking each party out of what they see, not even that crude tone of yours.

P.S: I’m not sharing the colours I saw though so don’t ask *smiles*

WHAT DO YOU SEE? Share with me

Modupe Ogundare


2 thoughts on “WHAT COLOUR DO YOU SEE?

  1. hey Dupe, am sure u saw blue and
    black . nice writeup. perspective changed. if u see okada and i call am plane. pls dnt talk me out of it.

    1. I must commend your attempt at trying to get me to share the colours I saw…but I won’t be tempted. And not to worry, I won’t talk you out of seeing your “Okada” as an aeroplane as long as you don’t talk me into getting on it with you…*smiles*.
      Thanks for your contribution Ola.

      (Okada: Local word for motorcycles in Nigeria)

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