Tell A Story

Hello Favourite peeps!
How’s the week going for you? Trust good.
Well I got a few thoughts to share with you today. Enjoy!

A number of us have been blessed, touched, changed, and at other times, awoken because someone told a story. A story of how they could have given up, let up, but didn’t; of how everything screamed “failure” but they kept working it, not because they had some super powers but because they just felt they could and did.

I’m quite aware of how hard baring the heart out could be but the motivation for me has always been knowing that a life has been reached, and when I get those awe-inspiring feedbacks.

Every purpose-driven person has a story to tell.

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You do have a story to tell; I challenge you to live conscious of that fact.

That you kept on today might be the very needed to get Mr A going tomorrow.

Live Life Deliberately!
Document The Journey!!
Share The Story!!

Modupe Ogundare


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