Hello there!!!

I’ve been away for a while now running a leadership programme and I can say for a fact that it’s been nothing short of a grand investment for me. How have you been? I missed being here as I’m sure you did. Well I hope to be here steadily henceforth, sharing insights and making meaning out of life’s happenings, generally talking about becoming better persons. How’s the week coming for y’all? Hope great. Well, you can tell me everything at the comment section.

OK, so during the course of the programme I mentioned earlier, in one of the classes I attended, the chief facilitator shared a video clip with us, and trust me, I took the front seat because I’m a chronic visual-learning method fan plus I lost my glasses, don’t cry for me, it’s probably the sixth one I lost, if I remember correctly.

Well, little did I know that that gesture would soon become my undoing. The video clip was that of a handful loyalists who were inhumanly slaughtered for that which they believed in and I was horrified to say the least. The chief facilitator said something, and I won’t forget so soon, he said “you shouldn’t be found supporting a cause you don’t have a strong conviction about”.


I have come to realise also that folks these days get swayed a lot by the “everyone is doing it” factor, we have people who would dive into a sector just because it seems to be the “in-thing”, parents shoving a career path down their kid’s throat regardless of the child’s interests just because the Kamson’s children chose the same career path and are now doing well.

I want to encourage you today never to settle for a thing because it’s in vogue or it is required of you, because in the end you need way more than these superficial reasons to stay true to your visions. Nothing gets you away quickly from your goals as would the lack of genuine conviction.

I was once a victim of going at a thing without that in-depth conviction necessary due to external pressure and I went in circles until I came to my own. Someday, I’ll share that experience with you but right now I have to prepare for work.

Have a “Transformational Tuesday” and a great rest of the week, hope to see you again before the end of the week. You know you can always share your thoughts with me on the mistakes made when headed the wrong path and successes recorded while on the right track in the comment box. Look forward to hearing from you!!!

Modupe Ogundare

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