Yea!!! I’m back here today… Guess the prayer we said yesterday worked *smiles* – But then they always do when said rightly and with a contrite heart.

Puzzled by the title of this post? Not to worry, I wont keep you in the dark for too long.

I read an article on LinkedIn about “TREND” today that got me thinking enough to write this short note. Well this is what i think –

I think this thing called “TREND” has indeed got us real bad, it has eaten into the average person so much that it’s pretty easy to focus on frivolities while the essentials suffer, people comfortably buy their wants and unabashedly beg their needs.

Image Source: - Trend

Just yesterday I wrote about how a person who’s so bent on getting an iPhone but hasn’t visited any bookstore lately cannot be friends with me – I’m not snobbish, I just know that relationships/associations make me.

And don’t get me wrong, I love the good things of life, I’m communicating with one right now, but I won’t be caught in that whirlwind of craze.

There’s a spectrum approaching and only folks who are consciously and constantly getting fired up will be better equipped to maximise its existence (It’s like Thor’s hammer, not everyone is worthy enough to lift it).


What do you think? At what cost would you pursue trend? Share your thoughts with me – Always love to read them.

Modupe Ogundare


4 thoughts on “TREND AT WHAT COST?

  1. Trend? we can’t pretend we don’t follow trend just that what makes us follow trend differs. As for me, I follow trend to meet my needs and at reasonable cost. #peace out.

    1. Hello KTM… Following trends is one beautiful thing to do as you mentioned for the right reasons. That you know why you do and it works for you that way is all there really is to it. Thanks for your contribution… You rock!!!

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