Getting Past Disappointments

Hello there!!!

How have you been? Fine I hope.

I know, I know and I know I haven’t been much of a regular face here lately but I felt this urge to share something today and then I went kind of blank (can you imagine!), wanting to say so much but not knowing just how to put them to words – very strange some thing but true.

Well, as I have learnt with time, talking about these blocks oftentimes create just the required to getting out of them, I casually mentioned this to a friend and he suggested that I write about a recent experience I had that was quite disappointing and how I worked around it.

Better days

So here are some little tips I learnt on handling disappointments, I hope it helps you through, should you find yourself at that point:

Blow Off The Steam Healthily: Letting out emotions can be really good for you if you do so healthily and definitely through the right channel. There’ll always be those moments when expectations are not met or situations prove to be difficult but success is dependent on the ability to let off the steam rightly.

Don’t Beat Yourself Over It: This is one quick way of grounding yourself in way deep so much that it becomes difficult to get out. Naturally, the human mind finds it extremely easy to apportion blames, and of course, you are the easiest target.

But really, it ain’t good for you and you definitely can’t afford to stay that way. You need every dose of positivity to get past this stage.

Never Personalise The Pain: This  is probably the reason we have a large number of depressed folks around these days. Personalising the pain/hurt of disappointments passes you off as the victim, it does you much dis-service and stops you from moving on.

Look on The Bright Side: Generally believed is the notion that with every dark cloud comes a silver lining. Disappointments sometimes come bearing so much hurts that we miss the goodies wrapped in our decisions to wallow in them. Personally, I wouldn’t have the pleasure of writing this right now if I had let myself in way deep into the disappointment I felt recently.

Find Out What Went Wrong: This is a very important key to ensuring that these events don’t replay themselves. You may need to review your expectations to be sure they were realistic and attainable.

And more importantly, to regroup, re-strategise and definitely try again.

Try Again: Yes! Do try again. Don’t give up on your plans/goals. Learn from your shortcomings and try again.

This is much of what I taught myself, some came easily and others took their time but all through it I emerged a better person. Don’t beat yourself over any shortcomings, learn through it and be better!

Always love to hear from you! Tell me how you got through a major disappointment or how this article helped you through one and make my day!


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