Are You Social Media Savvy? Understanding The Dynamics of Social Media Platforms

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Every social media platform is dynamic in its definition, and therefore – use. What works on one platform may get you no where on another. The common practice amongst folks is to got hold of a particular platform and its gimmicks while they religiously avoid others. But then, why settle for one when you can have it all.

And this is what I mean by having it all – Top on the list, Facebook has an estimated unique monthly visitors of 1,100,000,000, not too far behind is Twitter with a mind boggling 310,000,000, next on the grid is professional network LinkedIn with an amazing number 255,000,000, and then we have Pinterest  and Instagram with a whooping 250,000,000 and 100,000,000 respectively. For an entrepreneur, socialpreneur, infoprenuer or whatever you choose to go by, these are important numbers you don’t want to toy with, these are numbers you should leverage on and maximize to bring in profits.

The beautiful thing is that you can be the boss across these platforms if you learn to speak their individual language. Now I know there are suggestions that include connecting these platforms, and beautiful as the idea sounds, it limits your ability to explore their individual tools. For example, long texts thrive on Facebook but is a no-no for Twitter and while Facebook and Instagram supports visual contents, you are probably grappling to contain your thoughts in the 140 characters you have on Twitter to give room for incessant images. So you see why understanding is key.

To fully exploit the benefits of each platform and boost your performance across them, you must understand their individual narrative dynamics and messaging standards. Here are a few things you need to know about some of the basic social media platforms:

Twitter: Twitter is a free micro-blogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets. Here you can broadcast tweets not exceeding 140 characters and follow other people’s tweets. Twitter is a platform where the use of hashtag is very fruitful because when you use a hashtag that’s trending, you have a substantially better chance of getting engagement from people who aren’t on your follower list. As many who click on whatever hashtag you use have a substantial chance of coming across your tweet (if that isn’t cool then I don’t know what is). Your reach can be endless when you seek to understand this one.

Facebook: Facebook is more of a community based network, a popular free social media platform that allows you to create profiles, upload photos and video, share information, send messages and keep in touch with friends and family. Facebook supports visual contents tremendously and allows for lengthy contents. But as much as you have the liberty to lengthy posts, it’s best you keep your content precise and succinct, restrict your posts to information important to your audience and be given to interaction a lot.

Instagram: Instagram is an online mobile photo and video sharing social networking platform that enables users to take pictures and videos (not exceeding 15 seconds). A beautiful feature it offers is a number of photographic filters that users can apply to their images. Hashtags are also widely used on this platform and the only place where you can click on links on the app is in your bio. Instagram is a great branding tool you should totally explore.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a social website for sharing and categorizing images found online. According to Pinterest  CEO, the site is more of a “catalog of ideas,” than a social network. Pinterest gives room for text especially when you have to give a description of your image but the main focus of the site remains visual. Clicking on an image on Pinterest takes you to the original source and might even take you to a site it originated from.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking site designed specifically for professionals and the business community. The site allows users to establish relationships and network with people they know and trust professionally. None of your fancy uploads and designs should be displayed here, this is strictly professional and your approach to it must stay that way if you intend to be taken seriously. Leave your “Throwback Thursday” pictures when you visited Zambia on Instagram and rather document your trip to Zambia in a well written manner and post here.

There are a few others you could explore that are not highlighted here. Examples include: Google Plus, Flickr, Tumblr, Periscope, etc.

P.S: I’m only active on four of them, so don’t feel overwhelmed

So, I’d like to know if you are maximizing the existence of these platforms already or you would be doing so henceforth… Let me know in the comments!!!

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