Life and its Living; Journey To Self

Life and its Living

Life can be lived as it comes with individuals gliding through without so much as worry about what may or may not be. And this many do, sashay through life’s terrain, refusing to be bothered – These folks I sometimes envy.

But when the desire to live life deliberately and the resounding awareness that there has got to be something more other than the sheer joy of our existence sets in, we begin to unconsciously chart the course of our lives, and without fail create a path for our inner self to trod.

We would however do right to note that our journey through life and its living isn’t without events and happenings that go on to shape our stories and help us create memoirs. To understand that the road to self holds certain uncertainties, appalling revelations, unfathomable discoveries and lots more.

It would do us a whole lot of good to be advertently conscious of the possibility of getting entangled or even getting lost in our search for what is true and what holds true. Life – a masterminded boss on its own will make attempts, might even go beyond just making attempts, to beguile us and shove a particular truth down our throats. And at other times, it would try to pass the humbug for the real deal thrusting us into cognitive dissonance.

It is in such moments that we are in dire need of that which drives us – to understand why we even make efforts. When we can truly and confidently identify our motivation and are prepared to employ it on our journey to self, we realize that – “the greatest discovery in life would be that of self.” And when we would have started out on the part that holds true, it resonates deep within and we just know that we are on track.

What do you think about life and its living? What are your discoveries on the journey to self? Do share with me in the comment section.

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