Conversations With Tony (Episode 1)

Conversations With Tony

Griiiinngggggg! Griiiinngggggg! My phone rings, cutting into my very sweet dream.

I was just about to step up and give my well rehearsed speech to a crowd well over 20, 000. Angrily, I pushed off the covers and stretched my hands towards the bedside table to pick up the phone. Whoever it was has bought themselves some drama this morning, I thought.

Alas, it was my beloved and seeing his caller ID alone was enough to soften my mood.

Tony: “Hello sweet”

Me: “Hey! Hello – How was your night?”

Tony: “Oh! It was cool, dreamless. How about yours?”

Me: “Well, I was having the time of my life about to step up and speak at a conference when you called.” I could almost see him roll his eyes.

Tony: “Hmmph… Ok. Can you imagine that I’m having to walk all the way to Gbagada because of this MARATHON thing? I’m out to play ball with the guys and I’m practically stuck.”

Me: “But Tony! Did I just hear you say ball? And that you’re walking from Anthony to Gbagada? How in the world is that leg gonna heal? Do you have a death wish or something?” The questions kept coming, not that I expect him to answer anyway. “Tony won’t you say something?” Paranoia already setting in.

Tony: “But babe, how was I supposed to say something when you were still talking?” I’m dead sure he has a grin on his face.

Me: “Don’t you get cheeky with me, you know well what I mean”. I blurted exasperatedly. “When will you learn for God’s sake? Until you’ve successfully damaged the leg completely?”

Tony: “Take it easy babe, it’s not that bad. Plus you should pity me, I’ve not played for about a month.”

Me: “Like hell pity you… If you feel any form of pity for yourself, you’d sit your ass at home.”

Tony: “You just don’t understand what it feels like staying off ball for that long, you just don’t.”

Me: “But Tony what’s there to understand? That the doctor recommended you rest that leg and stay off rigorous activities involving it or what exactly am I missing? One would think they were taking your breath away.”

Tony: “Ok! I get you… I’m out already, so I’ll just do half-time and head back home.”

Me: “Ohh! Why would you do that? Please play full time, over time, extra time and don’t stop there – Go on and play all time. I’m tired of trying to tell you what you should do when you know it already. So suit yourself dear”

Tony: “Sweetie Pie, Boo Boo – I’m sorry, I know you’re right but I just needed to play. You won’t understand the drive, you’re not a guy”

Me: “Tony, if I didn’t know you and your personal views on women, I would take that as an offense but I’ll let it slide. But I’d say this anyway – I don’t need to be a guy to care for you, have your best interest at heart and look out for you. And it’s clearly evident you have your heart set on its intent, so I will leave you to it.”

Tony: “Okay sweet, I’ll call you when I get home. Take care of you!”

Me: “Take care of you too”

Can you imagine Tony? What foolhardy drive will drive you to set yourself up for more damage to a broken leg? And is it a guy thing to throw caution to the wind where ball is concerned? – it’s almost as if something keeps calling them from the field/court. And some say that their injuries get better when they get on the field/court, but my question is – Is there a Balm of Gilead on the field/court that we don’t know about? Biko tell us so we can maximize its existence.

Anyways, if you know Tony, then I’d advise you warn him off this suicidal attempt. And yes! Tell him for me, I won’t be responsible for any massage and ice therapy. Enough said!

Hope you enjoyed this conversation with Tony😁
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