It’s Okay If…

Really, It's Okay

It’s Okay If!

It’s okay if our definitions differ,
It’s okay if we don’t want exactly the same things
It’s okay if your idea of fun is a marathon race
And mine exclusively involves sprawling out on a sofa all day
It’s okay if you’d rather declare team natural
When I find absolute pleasure in my permed hair
It’s even more than okay if in our differences
We stand close enough for reasonable communication
And we would be just fine, believe me we would
If we both respect our uniqueness and steer clear of meddling

Naturally, I’ve always been a firm believer that our differences shouldn’t becloud our judgements. It shouldn’t tear us apart, rather it should seek to unite us. Everyone is unique in their way and respect for our eclecticism would do us much good. The earlier we learn to accept these things, the better for us.

What do you think about individual differences and what do you think should be our approach to it. Do share with me in the comment section.

P.S: I’ve always loved to play with words, but I decided to quit storing them on my notepad alone and share with y’all. So watch this space, as there’s much more where this came from.

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