Best Friends Forever; Or Not!


It’s a relational world we live in, a world where nothing we have now, in who we have become, in the things we have done and still do could have been gotten by our sheer strength. As much as the me, me, me part of us would love to get some credit, and of which its demands will be within its right and pretty much well deserved – The truth is we all thrive on relationships.

Independent as we may all claim to be in recent times, it doesn’t change our yearning for companionship, for relationships, and most especially, for friends.

We all need them – friends, like we need PHCN light😁

Friends are like holdings, they keep you rooted and assured when it’s all good and they come through for you when the going gets tough. Friends are a germane part of our existence. We make new ones at different stages of our lives and drop some more at various points, not because they are not worthy but because that’s basically the way we’re wired (And that’s exactly what people mean when they say 20 kids cannot play together for 20 years).


Also very important is the fact that our interests unites us. People stay friends because they found common interests. Talking about those friends that left us, we do not necessarily outgrow them as perceived by many, we probably just outgrew the activities that bound us in times past. And about those ones who despite all odds make it to every stage of our lives with us, it is also not necessarily because we consciously chose them but because our interests per time unites us and we for the most part find a common ground to stand on.

So the next time you’re wondering why some people left while others have remained with you like Mario 😁, you might want to stop and take an insightful look at your individual activities – You’d be amazed how almost divinely inspired it looks and you will understand better what to look out for in new acquaintances.

Reading through an article on friendship recently, I couldn’t really make out if the writer was in support of or against friendships. But I could deduce that the writer had been hurt by those considered as friends and that has in turn made her wary of relationships, so much that she had to advice her audience to do the same. She had been hurt by those she considered BFFs (Best-Friends-Forever).


I know we love to color everything these days and have them wrapped in monikers without very much realizing what we do, but forever seems like a pretty lengthy time to spend in anyone’s bosom, most especially if your goals don’t align, still we throw the word “Best-Friends-Forever” around carelessly. Forgive me, but it seems like such a sacred thing to say, it’s like making a commitment to stay true to one’s vow and I believe if you are going to use it, you better be sure to mean it.

I have come to admire folks who say it from a place deep within, so true and with all sincerity. And I have come to conclude that, life is better lived and enjoyed if you have such folks around you.

What do you think?

In my experience people leave your life because of the lack of common interests. That being said, I’m sure there are other opinions out there. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think and why. Do you have an absolutely different theory? I’d love to know.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! And don’t forget to share😍


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