How To Get Started With Sponsored Posts On Facebook

Hello there! How’s the week coming for you? I believe great.

You know how I love to occasionally share a knowledge or more with you, remember how we learnt the dynamics of social media here and how we studied how to alternate between multiple Instagram accounts here. Well I’m here again to show you a three (3) step guide on how to get that sponsored post done on Facebook. This was initially written at a friend’s request but I thought – Why not share right here! So come along:

Step 1: Create a Page:

Create a Facebook page and encourage your friends to like

Go to the post you want to promote ON YOUR PAGE. This can be a new post or an existing one on your Page’s Timeline.

Click Boost Post in the bottom-right corner. An advert will be created automatically from your post.

This is an example of a Facebook sponsored post

Step 2: Choose Your Audience:

If you select People you choose through targeting, you’ll be able to specify the people you want to show your boosted post to based on their demography (location, age, gender and interests)

If you select People who like your Page and their friends, your boosted post will only be visible to people who like your Page and their friends (This option is available if at least 50 people like your Page)… NB: I don’t recommend this, since sales is your objective, you can do better with the target post

Step 3: Choose a Preferred Plan:

Depending on your budget for advertising, you can fit in your budget to the different plans.

For every plan you choose, you get an estimate of the number of people you’re going to reach. For as little as $5(well maybe not too little anymore, you can get as much as 4,000 reach)

NB: Your post will be boosted for just one day but you can also boost your post for up to 7 days by clicking on “More Options”

Easy and painless I believe! Now start the process and glide through your Facebook page with more confidence.

Has this article helped you? Do me the honor of giving a feedback… Let me know what you think and do ask those questions

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