When Life Happens; Our Disposition To Opportunities

I often hear it said that: “life” plunges the lot of us to some circumstances unprepared thereby exposing us to its distasteful side but we just know that given enough notice or an ample time we would have confronted such circumstances better and got more impressive results.

Oftentimes, folks even talk about how “life” gives only a few chances and still ensures that those chances get messed up as if “life” was one old-time friend holding grudges. They talk about how the really important stuffs(milestones) dissipates into oblivion quickly and almost instantly, while the shortcomings(regrets) stare you in the face, constantly reminding you of how you could have beat life to the struggle but lost.

This is exactly what folks mean when they say “Life is Cruel”


But beyond the cruelty of life… How about we approach life a little more deliberately and with some sense of direction? How about we live our lives ever ready and prepared to slay dragons daily? Because in reality, nobody gets a notification that “life” is about to smile at you – So how about we “Brace Up”.

Every successful person out there consciously and without fail positions themselves to attract opportunity daily because “you can unconsciously get momentary success BUT you can never stagger into interminable success – You must prepare for it”

It is widely known that the refusal to prepare for a thing is already a preparation to fail at it, developing an attitude that is not indifferent to planning & constantly putting one’s self out there out cannot be over-emphasised.

Opportunities don’t come in the finest regalia, they won’t always look appealing, truth is – they might even look appalling to us but one thing they sure do is – leave the most indelible marks when maximised.

Your constant effort at putting yourself in the zone where opportunity thrives gives you the room to emerge at top.

Stop whining – Stop making excuses
Start Doing – Start making plans

It is not enough to make plans as well… Be driven enough to ride your plans to execution, consciously expose yourself to the direction of your interest – opportunities are yours to explore. Do not get on the whining wagon – Get involved in the area of your interest and mine the available opportunities.

Be strategically positioned to tap into opportunities around you – Develop the “O” Sense (Opportunity Sense) and Plan ahead. Adopt the Boy’s Scout mantra – Always Be Prepared!!!

What do you think?

In my experience, opportunities crop up more when we get busy. Please do let me know what you think and why. What’s it been like for you? I’d love to know.

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Photo Credit: Sam Etzi


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