Everyday Leap Day; Everyday Lucky Day

Hello there! Lovely weekend I trust…

It’s another leap day today, the last we had was some four years ago and I’m pretty sure the leap day purists and fans are very excited the much awaited day is here again.

This upbeat day is associated with a number of folklores, and definitely some facts too. But of all the folklores, one of them stands out and that’s the notion that the day somewhat comes with a stroke of good luck. I’m not disputing this fact, but neither am I crediting it. I choose to go at it in an indifferent manner.

It would be all too easy to sell this belief to many luck-seeking individuals as it would be extremely difficult to make a person who doesn’t believe in luck understand that there could actually be more to this day than the Roman aristocrats moulded it to be.

At some point, quite a number of individuals are known to look around, up, down and even within, searching for something they didn’t lose, hoping to gain where they didn’t work, to stumble on something they didn’t place there… More often than not, they call these expectations – GOOD LUCK, and can be found most times in their wishy washy state hoping that it finds them.


Seeing as today is one of the days characterized by such notion, I seek to understand why anyone would sit around patiently waiting that something whose existence/nature is quite abstracted would come change their situations – catapulting them from where they are to where they dream to be – that one design could put them on a pedestal they neither prepared for nor are ready to make work. It’s like a trained engineer hoping to one day wake up with the ability to do open-heart surgeries. Not quite probable right?

Understand more what “luck” entails and you’d realize that there’s a fatter chance of meeting luck on when on your way to work, that you’re more inclined to get it when you have your neck deep into something. That there’s no Santa lurking around somewhere in the dark waiting on you to stumble into him. And that you can create your own bag of goodies rather than sit around for the next lucky dip

You don’t have to wait for a particular day to feel lucky, get in your gear daily and get lucky – make everyday count. Work at your goals so much that you create your own luck. Remember that time in the Harry Potter series when Ron Weasly thought he had drunk from the Luck potion, the results from that day were remarkable, and he felt like he could literally touch the skies. This goes to show that you can make things happen for yourself if you set your mind to it.

What do you think about this notion? Has anything happened to you in the past that resonated with today’s supposed significance? Do let me know in the comments.

Happy Leap Day! Go Do Lucky!! Go Make Lucky!!!


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