Where Do You See Yourself?!

If asked, I’d probably tell you that the question – “Where Do You See Yourself In…?” (in whatever form it is asked) by far remains the most daunting and elusive I’ve come across. Older folks throw it around the young and watch them scramble to get it answered without giving it much thought. Interviewers spin it into something that rattles the already nerve-stricken fellow across the table and God help him/her if he doesn’t sound convincing enough to convince his unconvinced self. So what is it with this one question?

Life could be many things but it is mostly perceived to be a series of strategically placed events and happenings, finely laced with individuals going about their businesses everyday never really knowing for certain what the next happening will be but whose actions and inactions however almost certainly predict what’s to come.

Life could be many things; a box of chocolate for one

People make plans, draw up goals and harbour beautiful aspirations, and all these in turn shape both their now and later. Yet, no one holds the exact sequence of life’s journey. So you wonder how anyone expects them to answer this knotty question correctly, giving that there’s really no correct or incorrect answer – there’s only what we make of it. And also, the fact that our answers might not necessarily reflect what’s to come.

And that gives why it might not come as a surprise to hear…

To hear many say that what they would desire to be, more than anything else, in the nearest or far away future is – FULFILLED. And this we all know depicts different things to different folks.

“Where Do You See Yourself In…(insert period)?”… “How best(truthfully) can you answer that – To yourself more importantly? If you’d like to share, let me know in the comments. To attempt to do so is to take a deliberate step towards creating your desired future.


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