Hello there! Lovely weekend I hope…

Remember I told you here how I love to play with words but that they always end up sitting on my notepad. Well today, I did some cleaning and out came this one. I really can’t say this one thing inspired the poem, but I do know that it was born out of recognition – recognition of the everyday man’s struggle to subdue the inner man for fear of reprisals.


I know your struggles, and maybe even some of your battles, but more importantly – I know who you are on the inside. Acceptable or not, you’ll have to let it find its way, it’s the only way you’d ever be YOU.

So here’s ODE TO THE MAN WITHIN… Enjoy!!!

Whimpers from a crushed soul
Quieted by the convolutions of this thing called norm

My adventurous soul can’t travel the distance to the door
It simply would be preposterous to hear that I desire to step aside(out)

They would have my head, yes they would
If I so much as show how I really feel inside

So I stifle the cries – hoping
Hoping my watery eyes don’t let on too much

It doesn’t count if I am all pulp inside
I wouldn’t dare show the world anything less than plank-worthy

Everyday I grapple,
My identity voraciously slipping away

I hide daily behind the mask – underneath friends adore me,
Mates revere me, and enemies know to stay away

But here I am, staring helplessly as it all edges away,
That which makes me what I am, never to be accepted here

I wonder and fear still what I would become,
As I know not of one who fought this before me

This is one fate my predecessors have ungrudgingly accepted
The one thing I wasn’t consulted before I got thrown into.

I yearn to let it known to all
That I feel more than I let on

That my emotions have been buried
For too long they long to break free.

That I sometimes get the urge
To be first before anything the set – HUMAN

But I fear that in some way
That I would betray the subset – MAN

So I remain lurking in my shadows,
Living yet not living
Still can’t tell none
That I feel more
Way more than I let on!

Hey! Tell me if you like, and do share with that individual that needs to read this 😍

Photo Credit: @mrtaylordani


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