World Poetry Day: One-Eyed Dreamer

Hello there! I trust your day was adorned with colors.

So it’s World Poetry Day today – Yoohoo!!!

Typical me, I decided to share this classic piece with you, well I hope it passes for that definition… It’s a poem inspired by the desires and aspirations of man, the need to make up for what we lack in reality with the beauties we erect in our dreams. It was born out of the realization that many folks are living way below their dreams because reality seems closer and safe.

The poem comes in a rather paradoxical manner, seemingly admonishing one to keep dreaming and never wake up to reality. But in truth, it seeks to help the reader expand their horizon, sharpen their ability to visualize, and more importantly, shape them to dare to dream.



One eyed dreamer
Of a lonesome corner
Through his eye the world took shape
Shapes and sizes, never to be contained

One eyed dreamer
From the dreary street yonder
Roamed the earth in search of a haven
To call his own, to make a home

One eyed dreamer
I advice you sleep on longer
Dreamy one eyed dreamer
Dream on, for reality bears little hope

Happy World Poetry Day!!!

What are dreams to you? How often do you let yourself dream? If often, do you really give wings to imagination? If not, let me know why you hold back.

Yes please! Do like, make comments and share 😍


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