There’s Nothing Like A Perfect Match

The beauty and allure of our differences escapes us every moment we seek to conform. The human mind is constantly evolving, and we clip its wings with our fears. We drown our voices when we hesitate to explore our individual strengths.

This piece is another attempt at celebrating our individual strengths and understanding that we are stronger when we learn to accept the eclectic mix of nature that we possess. Enjoy!!!

Even the last piece of the puzzle must be different to fit in

I sought to meet you halfway
At the point where everything screamed – conform
I longed to find the rhythm
To sway my hips in constant consistent consonance
And join in the cherublike chorus
Pleasuring all as we climb the celestial hierarchy

Yet I fail, time and time again
I fall flatly short of the standard
And in due season I got lost in it all
But if you’ll give me credit for one thing
You’d know it wasn’t much about my refusal to gel
Than it was about your desire to have a perfect match

It was exactly as it should be (was meant to be)
Except we being humans decided it wasn’t enough
Then we tweaked and turned
In dissatisfaction, we beat and pressed
We talked and mumbled unfit, never for once accepting

That we being distinct in our instincts and precincts
Doesn’t really make us extinct
That our love for conformity may birth temporal proximity
But will yield definite deformity

Hear! And give ears
To understanding clearly the uniformity in diversity
Understand really well, the unification in division

I have sought to understand, and I find
That eclecticism isn’t what men fear
Solitariness is – We fear to stand alone

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