Hello there! I wrote this from a place of fragility, I hope that you at least find strength in it. Enjoy!


A  I  R  A  L  A  M

I always like to deny you
To push you away so much
you start pushing back
I believe you’re a big attention seeker
So I’d as much as bat an eyelid
as I’d admit your existence

I don’t know whether to leave you be
To let you run your course
Seeing as you never really give up
At least not without a fight
Or maybe just put up a show
And get things settled this once

You’ve stolen my shine
The spark in my eyes all gone
My body won’t even do my bidding
You are to blame, just you
What an impulsive uninvited guest you are

Hurry! Take your gifts elsewhere
Quickly, don’t dawdle
I haven’t got all day
I intend to get up real soon
way before the cock crows
I’ve got no plan to let you win this

So hurry on! Shoooooo!

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Photo Credit: Instagram|@jumokesanwo


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