7 Great Websites I Visited in 2016


2016 was a year of great finds for me. I found some places(online & offline) that I have come to rely on for that feel of extrication and succor. I have decided to share some of my top online finds here, hopefully someone finds them just as interesting.

  1. Cup Of JO: I love that she’s got it all together, from travels to style, family, etc. She also entertains contributions from other amazing people from time to time. I found some of my favorite podcasts here(I will be sharing an independent post on this sometime).
  2. Mithila Review: When you have fiction + non-fiction + poetry + podcasts in one place, you practically have everything(and me of course). You would find this website interesting if you love good and atypical literature works.
  3. Thaoworra.com: This website is all about poetry, science fiction, fantasy, horror & culture from a Lao American perspective. You’ll definitely find him interesting.
  4. The Moth: This shouldn’t be on the list as it wasn’t a 2016 find, but I found myself drawn to it more towards the end. I recommended this site to a colleague and he wanted to know if it was like a TED talk, but I told him ‘The Moth’ is more. Truly, I think it is.
  5. Women Who Draw: Found this late last year when I took up drawing again and my housemate thought I needed it. A hub of female illustrators who constantly share their art. It’s been a great site to go to ever since. Now I am familiar with the likes of Amber Smith and Kobie whose works have an inexplicable effect on me.
  6. Brain Pickings: This site is run by Maria Popova and is a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why, according to her. If you love great reads, and would love to be introduced to some amazing and timeless works, this is a very good stop.
  7. CopyBlogger: This is the only work related website I’m putting up. If you are big on digital advertising and most especially copy writing, Copy Blogger should be top on your list of functional go to sites. This website has always been a centre of work related materials for me, and I visited a lot last year, I still do. They’ve got excellent materials to ensure close to a hitch-free ride into the world of copy writing.


Photo Credit: blog.livebooks.com


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